Selenium UI Automation - 15 different UI elements for Automation Practice

Selenium is a widely used Automation library used for UI automation. We are presenting the most comprehensive single HTML page which contains different types of UI elements which a user will encounter on websites, and this page can be used for Selenium Automation practice of the end user.

The different types of fields covered in this practice page are:
  1. Radio button
  2. Dropdown
  3. Checkbox
  4. Switch to New Window
  5. Switch to New Tab
  6. Switch to Alert
  7. Web table
  8. Display and Hide Elements
  9. Date field
  10. Date and Time field
  11. Multi select field
  12. Browse button for windows file selection
  13. iFrame
  14. Email field
  15. Password field

Radio Button Example

Checkbox Example

Switch Window Example

Switch Tab Example

Open New Tab

Switch To Alert Example

Web Table Example

SNo Vegetable Price
1 Potato 30
2 Onion 45
3 Cucumber 20
4 Carrot 70
5 Tomato 25
6 Radish 35
7 Ginger 90
8 Brinjal 80
9 Ladyfingers 50
10 Bottle Gourd 30

Display and Hide Element Example

Date field Example

Date Time field Example

Multi-select field Example

Windows File field Example

iFrame Example

Email field Example

Password field Example

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