Calculate Your CTC Salary Hike Percentage - Online Calculator to find your New Salary


Online CTC Hike calculator

Did you receive a Salary Hike? Congratulations! 

Using this CTC Hike Percentage calculator you can calculate:

  • Percentage Hike Received
  • New Expected Salary
  • Old Salary (yes, you already know it! But if you want to compare, we've included that feature as well!)
Receiving a Salary Hike is a really happy occasion. It means that your work is valued in your organization and the organization is willing to invest in you and your career growth. But as any human being, you are interested in exactly how much you have received. Most organizations provide either a lump sum amount in the hike letter or mention a percentage. Employees are left wondering that if I have received a certain amount of hike, what exactly is the percentage when compared to my old or previous salary. In the same way, if percentage is mentioned, then the employee is left wondering what will be my new salary. 

So, we have a very simple solution for you. If you know any 2 items out of 3, i.e. if you know your Old salary and Percentage, then you can know your New Salary accurately. Or, if you know your Old Salary, and the New Salary (add the lump sum to the Old one), then you can accurately know the Percentage hike. 

The Simple to use Calculator is written in Pure HTML and JavaScript. You need to enter 2 out of the 3 variables i.e. If you have your Old Salary and the New Salary, you can calculate the Percentage Hike. Or if you have your Old Salary and the Hike Percentage, you can Calculate the New Salary expected.

CTC Salary Hike Percentage Calculator

Type a Number value in any 2 of the below 3 fields, and click Calculate button.

Old Salary
Percentage Hike
New Salary

Decimals up to 2 are supported. If you enter value in incorrect number of fields, the Calculator will display an error to you for correction. Calculated value will be displayed in the empty field and highlighted with the green color. 
If you want to reuse the calculator, you can press Reset button, or clear out the fields and calculate again.

In case you're interested in the base working code for this calculation, here it is:

	case 1:
		calcValue = (newSalary / (1+(percentage/100)));
	case 2:
		calcValue = (((newSalary - oldSalary)/oldSalary) * 100);
	case 3:
		calcValue = (oldSalary * (1+(percentage/100)));

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